Welcome to Verdant, the country’s first craft CBD company.

Each custom formula is a distinct blend of nature, science and art, carefully created in small batches with uncompromising and exacting standards. Perfected over time and driven by a heartfelt commitment to our customers and community, our craft CBD products look better, taste better and, most importantly, work better. We believe wellness begins with simple, everyday moments fueled by exceptional ingredients held to the highest standards and we’re here to help.

Meet Us



Experience: Private equity partner working with $10-$100MM revenue businesses including food and consumer goods.
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Favorite part of Verdant: I know how hard it is to find excellent ingredients; I’m really proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish.


Co-founder & CEO

Experience: Senior marketing and advertising executive for prominent national consumer and pet brands.
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Favorite part of Verdant: We've truly gone above and beyond in every possible way to make our customers' lives easier and better.



Experience: Fortune 100 retail, CPG and innovation with special emphasis on strategy, technology and manufacturing.
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Favorite part of Verdant: The affirmations in each box. It's a small detail, but one we hope brightens our customers' day.

Our Story

We didn’t set out to change the world; just to make a real, meaningful difference for those within our family and community. To do so, we knew we’d have to create something that was completely different from anything else. While many brands rushed to market with the cheapest, most accessible (but often dangerous) ingredients and processes, we took our time to create and perfect the country’s first craft CBD formulas.

Inspired by our childhood growing up on a 150 year old organic farm and subsequent careers with sophisticated food and retail companies, we committed to bring these two worlds together; applying world class quality standards, elevated sourcing and industry-leading testing to wholesome, time tested ingredients and artisan, small batch production.

What started off as a simple idea has become our passion and we make sure everything we do honors that vision, from our commitment to creating the finest craft CBD products to the way we engage with our customers and give 10% back to our community. It’s our hope that Verdant is woven into the fabric of people’s lives through the “ongoing rich wellness” born from simple, everyday moments.

Kara, Travis and Kirk

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"Verdant is going to great lengths to separate itself from the charlatans and solidify its position as a credible purveyor of CBD." 

"If you’re looking for a CBD brand you can trust, I completely recommend Verdant. I’ve already got some of my aunts and cousins on it."

“I’ve used many of the top CBD brands out there but Verdant is my favorite! {Their products} are smooth and easy to consume.”


“Verdant is incredible. They share their quality standards available online for all consumers, donate 10% of their annual net profits to charity and genuinely care about their customer experience from start to finish."

~ Mia, Oregon