Finally, a brand you can trust

We create products without compromise. We obsess over every detail– how, where and when our ingredients are grown, harvested, produced, mixed, tested, packaged, stored and shipped. Our exacting standards require exceptional focus and commitment; shortcuts cannot be taken when you seek to make the very best. The end result?

Our products look better, taste better and work better for you and your family. 

Our Quality

We pair America’s finest, highest quality organic Hemp Extract with the purest USDA Organic MCT oil for an end product of unparalleled quality. Each detail is highly intentional– from the farms where our ingredients are grown to the custom bottles from which they’re enjoyed.

Our Transparency

We go a step further by offering unprecedented ingredient transparency and traceability through our triple testing and blockchain verification. You and your family can feel confident knowing our products are authentic, pure and consistent.

Our Purpose

Our mission is simple– to improve everyday moments for our customers and our community. The Verdant seal means more than just exceptional ingredients. It also represents our commitment to donating 10% of our net proceeds to support those in our community and yours.

Experience the Verdant Difference for yourself.

Explore our line of wholesome, organic products infused with the highest quality full spectrum, THC-free Hemp Extract.

Live better. Live now.